10 Unbelievable Merits of Good Air Conditioning

Think about it for a moment, it’s 74°F outside, and the sun is scorching outside. There is no place to escape all the heat. And you feel that this hot weather streak is just beginning. On record, you will notice that the hottest ever recorded year was 2015 and seconded by 2014. You will also find that 14 of the recorded 15 hottest years in history have been in the 21st century.

All this heat is not healthy for human life and can cause many health-related problems and sicknesses. All the more reason to invest in a good air conditioning system. Here are some benefits that come with a good air conditioning system.

  1. It’s a lifesaver

A study will show you that within the years 1979 and 2013 alone, the United States recorded heat-related death cases of over 9,000. There are also other factors that may lead to a person’s death. But in most of these death cases, you will find that heat somehow contributed to a role in the deaths. A good air conditioner will help keep you cool throughout the super-hot days and nights and also reduce your chances of attracting heat-related illnesses and even death.

  1. Better air quality

What you need to know about air conditioners is that they circulate and filter the air that passes through them. They will also remove any pollutants and molds from the air. This is vital if you are one person who suffers a lot from allergies and even asthma.

  1. Fewer parasites and insects

A good air conditioner will do more than keep you cool during the hot summer days; they will also keep the irritating pests like ticks and pet fleas outdoor.

  1. Improved efficiency of your workforce

Scorching days are always lead to prolonged work and progress. A study done in the Scientific America has revealed that the human brain tends to shut down most of its normal functions, even the thinking and reasoning abilities on very hot days.

  1. Cooler tempers

You may have realized that most tempers tend to rise and flare during the very hot days than in the cold days. The body tends to increase most of its functions as the brain decreases its normal activities. This will lead to more aggressive behavior from the individuals affected by the excessive heat.

  1. Easier to sleep

Higher body pressure and heart rate with slowed brain functions and trouble sleeping. You will realize that the human body requires a certain optimal temperature to rest and let you get some shut-eye. When the temperatures are too high, the normal temperature regulations of the body are interfered with.

  1. Protects furniture

Usually, you will find that most wood materials lose and gain moisture from its surroundings which is mostly affected by temperature. This is also known as warping the wood. Too humid environments will also cause leather to absorb most of the moist air and cause it to rot.

  1. It helps to protect most of the electronic devices from overheating

Many electronic devices can suffer major meltdowns if it gets too humid and even wet on its insides. This can also lead to major data loss and even overall shorter battery lifespan.

  1. Better security

You will want to keep all of your valuable items; electronic and non-electronic safe from the super-hot weather. Secure them in a cool and dry place where the humidity cannot interfere with them.

  1. Fewer sweat stains

Most of the time, serious heat days lead to some not-so-easy to remove sweat stains on clothes. Heat will lead to a lot of sweating which will eventually lead to sweat stains. You will notice some unsightly discoloration on your shirt’s neck or armpits, two of the sweatiest body parts, which can cause you some seriously embarrassing moments.

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