10 Common Myths That Can Discourage Your from Moving

It’s no secret that almost every mover has heard of one or two myths and misconceptions that surround moving that when you come to think about, may actually seem to make sense. And most of them will actually make a lot more sense for those movers Vancouver who still aren’t very familiar with most moving practices.

It is for these very reasons that you need to familiarize yourself with all of the many myths and misconceptions that can come flying away from all corners especially if you are still green in the whole process. This article has tried to debunk 10 of such myths and misconceptions and set the pace for you to protect yourself from any that can potentially damage your finances or otherwise.

  1. You save money by moving yourself

You may think that hiring professional movers or a moving company  to help you move may look like an unnecessary and expensive process but they actually aren’t. You will soon realize the costs creeping on you when you try to move by yourself starting with renting the truck which will transport all of your belongings. Then comes the equipment used to package and move your stuff which you will need to buy and probably use once.

  1. All moving companies are the same

Don’t be duped by this myth as it is one of the commonest around. You may end up hiring the wrong company which can result in lots of damages to your belongings not to mention all of the time and resources you will lose in the long run.

  1. Any boxes can be used to package when moving

This can be a particularly risky activity, especially for your fragile and precious belongings which may break or get spoilt while on the move. There are boxes designed specifically for moving and protect all of your fragile items like dishes and electrical appliances.

  1. Movers will move everything

Most moving companies usually have a list of all the items that they can and cannot move for both the safety and legal reasons. So, don’t be shocked to find movers refusing to move some of your stuff which is not on their list.

  1. The moving company’s insurance fully covers you

Signing the moving contract with the moving company will only get you the basic coverage and at no costs and which only covers $0.60/pound of each item. So, ensure you go over the mover’s different protection plans and go for the plan you believe suits you best.

  1. There are too many variables that can prevent you from properly planning a move

In such cases, you need to start preparing yourself as early as possible. Start preparing your move months before the actual moving day. This way, you will have enough time on your hands to plan everything exactly how you want to.

  1. Items will definitely get damaged while on the move

Again, not true. If you take time and package all of your items properly and hire the best movers in your area, then chances are super-high that you are going to have a smooth moving proves.

  1. You don’t necessarily need to label your items and boxes

This is mostly done for convenience purposes. You will get to know all the items in your packed boxes and know where to unload them after your moving process. Less stress, right?

  1. All moving companies can take on the same types of moves

Know this, not all moving companies are the same. So, there will be differences in quality, pricing, reputation, specialties, etc. This is one of the reasons why you need to do adequate research on the moving company you want to handle your moving process.

  1. Moving is inevitably stressful

Not true. If you take your good time and plan your moving process well before the actual move and hire the best movers to help you with the job. Then rest assured that you will have a smooth and stress-free move.

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