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    classic stripes with boyfriends jeans are one of my favorite style staples in any wardrobe. the refinement of the black and white stripes and ladylike peplum coupled with the distressed boyfriend jeans never gets old to me and makes such an interesting look.

    recently i had reader question about styles that work well for heavy set children. i have to say the peplum top is one of my favorites for trimming in a tummy while providing comfort and great design detail. the skirt of the shirt seems to cut a tummy right where needed and provides roominess over the largest part of the belly while letting the little ones run and play freely. for another favorite of mine for heavy set girls, check out my round up of midi shorts.

    we love these gap jeans. after looking at several tutorials i followed this DIY from Free People to get the look we wanted. I might be hooked on destressing jeans now though. I am working on pair number two this week and i think these babies are only going to get better with time.

    look for the peplum top from crew cuts here and the flats are old from target.

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    ruby tuesdays spent the week at lake powell…

    to be a “hull girl” means a few things. it means you are fiesty and sensitive. it means you love babies and small children so much you could scream. it means fun is always your top priority. it means you get silly when you are tired. it means you love animals. it means you can cut a rug at any given moment. it means you will sing your heart out while alone in your room. it means you can do anything the boys can do…and often times, much to their displeasure, you can do it better.

    this week that meant catching 6 catfish, getting up on the wakeboard on missy hull’s first try and chasing baby cousins around the houseboat. our days were filled with fishing, swimming, boat rides, water slides, wakeboarding and reading. it was dreamy.

    missy ruby could not be stopped all week and at the end of the night, as we would stare up at the completely starlit sky, she would pass out cold. exhausted from all the days activities.

    this is the official hairstyle of Lake Powell trips each year…i am getting better at this whole braid thing, right? and this flutter top hawaiian print bathing suit? her new fave… okay my new fave… she just wants to get dressed so she can race out to her friends.

    i mean look at this brave, determined little peanut. I died.

    billabong bathing suit / american apparel shorts (her favorite for gymnastics too) and shirt (order a size up)

    do you have any family traditions for the summer?

    i would love to hear about them. this week i will post on the rest of our family enjoying our week together in southern utah.

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    Sister just bought a house on the coast of Malibu. she has lived in malibu for a few years and taken the hard step of falling in love with the place. Sad really, such a tragic place that malibu coast. anyways, her house. it is not yet finished but that did not stop us from spending our fourth of july there. surfing, boogie boarding, kayaking, crab catching, skim boarding and bbqing. it was perfect and beautiful and everything i wanted the fourth to be except i didn’t do any of those things but had fun watching my family do it. i just sat in my beach chair and ate per usual. the day was filled with family and nature and love and 87 stairs you have to walk up from the sand to her house which really is ridiculous don’t you think? luckily her architect spent the day with us and i was able to voice my concern and ability to donate to the elevator fund if need be.

    thanks sister for buying such dope places that i can sit in a chair and eat at.


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    this is the beginning of my back to school series. i will be posting all the things you need to get your little guys ready for back to school. from modern kids’ desks to lunch boxes and OF COURSE what to wear.  Does anyone else get as excited about back to school time as i do? i just wish summer was a liiiittle longer. it is ending way too fast for me.

    since the paint is finally dry on our master suite remodel my mind is now onto the kid’s rooms. i am itching to get my hands on the boy’s room and with back to school approaching i have clean, simple, modern kids’ desks on the brain.

    want to really inspire your kids to hit the books? check out these 29 amazing work spaces for kids.

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    as you know we are a girl malnourished family. with seventeen (yes i said it) cousins on my side of the family there are only FIVE girls (feels so good to say that, just last week my sister adopted her two year old  girl foster child. more on that to come. yay gracie! we upped our numbers) and out of the thirteen cousins on the hus’ side there are only THREE girls. it is no wonder why camping and surfing and dirt bikes are part of our family fun rotation.  but what we lack in numbers we make up for pure, girly raddness. enter ruby’s two nine year old BFF’s, Saylor (which she calls Sayla) and Emma Jane.

    they are fun loving and silly and thoughtful, kind and smart and creative. they treat ruby as though she always belongs with them in their little tween huddle. they give her parts in their dances and laugh when she makes them play hide and seek in the confounds of her four bedroom walls, talk about creative.

    if ruby is not gonna get a sister of her own these two definitely make up for it.  what could warm a mama’s heart more then hearing her  daughter name all her girl cousins when you ask who her best friends are? nothin it tell ya. we couldn’t have asked for better examples to our little one.

    c/o forever 21 girls pink ringer tee / c/o floral dress sold out but similar here and i love this romper too

    white lace top / blue floral jeans (sold out but very similar here)

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    I pack early. I am an early packer. For two weeks I have been packing for Lake Powell. I know, don’t say it.

    We can’t wait to get on the lake but it takes A LOT of preparation. Forget all the food and paper goods and SPF you have to haul in large drums down to your houseboat, I am just talking about what we WEAR there. Now the temptation may be to throw on your running shorts for the lake because nobody really sees you except those on your vessel. Don’t do it. Resist the urge. Here is what I am packing for me… part 2 will be for the kids.

    lets start with hair and skincare. Lake Powell is part of the Grand Canyon so the weather is hot and dry. To protect my skin and hair while on the lake  I am bringing the following…

    pepper lou turbans

    Bumble and Bumble Prep: best detangler ever

    Surf Spray: just in case my hair doesn’t get all beachy looking naturally.

    Redken Color Extend: SPF for the hair, protects against the elements

    Pretty Hair ties

    Wet Brush: best brush for detangling long locks

    Comb with metal tail for easy parting and braiding. Lake Powell = lots of french braiding

    did you notice the trend : how to keep things out of your face while driving on boats and then be able to put it up or cover it up when you stop so you don’t look insane?

    clearly we devote a lot to that.

    i rave about my 3Lab cream and the lovely ladies at the counter gave me some great sample sizes to take with me:) this stuff is pricey but the only thing that keeps my skin moisturized all day. read more about it and my spf here.

    purity face wash: at the end of the day you want to get all the sunscreen, lake water and sweat off your face.

    tend skin: roll on applicator to prevent ingrown hairs before and after waxing

    elta md: favorite spf for my face, neck and hands.

    tan towels: have to get my fake tan on if I am going to be lounging in a bathing suit all day every day.

    i am noticing a trend. apparently i have been stocking up all my concert tees and red and blue bathing suits for lake powell. we have beatles, run dmc, bob dylan and ac/dc.

    check my swim and beach pinboard for more of my favorite things. so many great caftans I am dying to get my hands on!

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    my new best friend! nail polish that stays put, dries fast, no damage and no equipment needed.

    I love getting my nails done. I have always kept it to basic pedicures because as a mom my finger nail polish barely makes it to the car without a smudge of some sort. I have tried the gel manicures  and although i love the no chipping aspect of them, I rarely can go to the salon every two weeks for the regrowth AND it took months for my nails to recover from the damage inflicted.

    My sister-in-law told me about this stuff, Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab.

    I am sold.

    Here is how it works… You paint the base coat, wait one minute, apply nail polish. Wait another minute between each coat then finish with the Top Coat.  It dries hard within minutes and you can go to the car without without worry. Or if you are doing it yourself, go pick up the kids and put dishes away worry free!

    The other BEST part… you can remove it yourself with simple nail polish remover, no damage done! You can apply it yourself from home with no special equipment or I take the kit with me to the nail salon and have them apply it there.  It doesn’t last QUITE as long as a traditional gel manicure but my nails always need to be redone before then for regrowth anyways.

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    like most moms the end of the school year is busy. days are filled with last minute class projects, field trips, talent shows, graduations and baseball games. sometimes i think may and june are just as busy as december.

    as the very last (except not really because there is still 10 ft. of moulding to put in) construction worker pulled his dusty rig from our driveway last week. i did a dance. a happy dance. a very happy dance. i forget what a homebody i am until i have to spend my days out of my home, avoiding construction workers and dust and fumes and nails and 1,000,000 other dangers.

    since the workers have left i have been home. and my shadow has been right there with me. i could breathe this week. so i took one look at this boy with “white hair” and said, “ello, want to play tracks?”

    “yesh!”  he said.

    we set up tracks. we rode monster trucks along the couch and flipped them off the ottoman. in case you didn’t know, and i did not, the ottoman is the best place for monster truck flipping to happen.

    and then he hung around a lot in my bathroom as i put things away. he never stops talking. there is a constant running commentary on the goings on of the house when ello is around.

    “mom, what color my humpback whale shorts? do you like humpback whales mom? they nice. killer whales will eat you out of the water but not humpback whales because they have stripes. i have stripes too. you like my stripes mom? you see my stripes mom?”

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    we have established that i wear this chambray way too much. i am waiting for the denim top trend to fade. and yet i can’t stop participating and taking advantage of the ease that it offers. simple as throwing on jeans, it  goes with everything.

    so if i am addicted to the chambray then i you may as well lock me up and throw away the key when it comes to leather. i may already be saving for some fall leather i need to get my grubby mits on.

    i wore the dickens out of my black leather jacket this past fall and was not sure how i was going to go through spring and summer without a seasonally appropriate leather to layer over light breezy clothes at night. then i laid my eyes on this faux leather jacket at a local boutique and suddenly all was right in the world.

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    If you don’t you should. I found Krystyna of Stylish Littles on Instagram.

    She posts the cutest kid’s finds. They are always stylish, fresh and unexpected.

    She has an amazing knack for finding children’s items before everyone else.

    She is expecting a baby girl soon so I asked her to share her maternity and baby picks here.

    here is what she had to share…

    backpack / maxi dress / book / sandals

    layering pieces: When I am pregnant, all I want is to be comfortable. In the first trimester it takes a lot to get me out of sweats because I am so exhausted and nauseated. By the end, my body is already so uncomfortable that the last things I want to wear are scratchy fabrics or shirts that I constantly have to reajust. That’s why my favorite layering pieces are hands-down from Shade Clothing. Their maternity tank tops and cap sleeve tees are absurdly soft and thin enough to layer with, even in the summer. Definitely my number one maternity apparel must-have!

    maxi: During pregnancy I love to wear maxi skirts and dresses. They are as comfortable as pajamas, but help me feel pretty. Also, they cover my cankles while still keeping me cool in the summer! This striped maxi dress from Asos is simple enough to be dressed up or down.

    sandals: A shoe with a little bit of wedge goes a long way for me when I’m pregnant. Near the end, my balance isn’t so great, but that doesn’t mean that I am okay with wearing flip flops every day! I love these Steve Madden sandals. They have enough wedge to add some height and femininity without making you topple over!

    book: Even though this isn’t my first child, I still really enjoy reading parenting books. I have read lots of different ones ranging from spiritual to clinical. One that I read this pregnancy that I really loved is Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman. She is an American who had a baby in France and discusses the French style of parenting. It is a change from the normal parenting book in which a doctor or psychiatrist tells you what’s best for your child and why. This reads more like a travel journal with interesting tid bits learned along the way, which I enjoyed.

    diaper bag: Now that I am going to have a toddler and a newborn, I decided it was time to upgrade my diaper bag. After researching and finding nothing that I liked or that wasn’t already being carried by everyone that I know, I landed on the Fjallraven backpack. It’s not made to be a diaper bag, but it has pockets on the side for bottles and sippy cups and a large inside pocket where I keep diapers and wipes. I keep my phone, chapstick and keys in the front zipper pocket so I can find them easily and the main pouch is plenty roomy enough for everything I need. I have the one built for a 13″ laptop, so it has an extra zippered pocket on the back that I keep my iPad in for long drives and errands. Also it’s waterproof so when it gets yucky I just wipe it out and it looks brand new again! And my husband loves it because it looks cool and he doesn’t feel stupid carrying it

    peplum tops / bows / mocassins / blanket / bracelet

    leggings: I love the crazy fun patterns and prints that Salt City Emporium comes out with. I have a pair of these animal leggings for my two year old and they are her favorite. I’m going to get a matching pair for my baby, judge me all you want!

    peplum: I love the Etsy shop childHOODS. She customs makes everything, so you can choose your colors and size. I am definitely buying one of these peplum hoodies for my babe!

    bows: Giddy Up and Grow makes the most creative and fun headbands and bows for little girls. I love this Aztec headband set!

    mocassins: Knotty Tots on Etsy is a super cute baby moccasin maker. I love that she adds bows to them to really set them apart and add a touch of whimsy to them! These metallic ones are over the top cute! Plus, $5 from every purchase goes toward a charity that helps African orphans.

    blanket: I absolutely love this soft blanket by Australian company Milk n Soda

    bracelet: Love this personalized bracelet. Once baby is born you can personalize it with your baby’s name and birthdate.

    Krystyna Winn is a stay at home mother of Saron, age 2.5 and is 31 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2. She curates the Instagram account @stylish_littles and is working on starting a children’s fashion blog this fall.