Top Items You Should Pack Yourself When Preparing for a Move

Many people will hire a moving company to help them relocate to a new home. Movers provide exceptional service that can drastically reduce your stress level and physical exertion on moving day. Some people may not have the physical means or abilities to move without the help of movers. If you have already enlisted the help of long distances movers, your thoughts may be turning to how you can pack up all of your belongings. Some will use professional packing service offered by their moving team. However, regardless of how you plan to pack, there are a few top items that you should pack yourself as you prepare for moving day.

Your Overnight Bag
Even if you have your movers pack up everything you own, you may not want them to prepare your overnight bag. It may be one or several days before you are fully unpacked and settled into your new home, and this means that you may be living out of a suitcase for a few days. Pack enough closing and personal items to last you for as long as you anticipate the unpacking process to tack. Then, you can let your moving company handle relocating all of your other personal items and clothing.

Your Jewelry
Whether you need short distance or long distance movers for your relocation plans, you may want to safeguard your jewelry. While most moving companies vet their employees and conduct a thorough background check, you do not want to tempt anyone to take valuables that are simply staring them in the face. Likewise, you also do not want to risk losing such valuable items. It is best to pack these items separately. Then, take the additional step to safeguard the items by packing this box in your own personal vehicle. This will give them the personal attention they need during relocation.

Your Paintings and Pictures
Your paintings and pictures may be valuable for different reasons. Some have monetary value, and others may have sentimental value. From fine works of art to pictures your kids created or pictures of the family, you want to preserve and protect these items. You can easily pack smaller items away with your jewelry. Larger items may need to be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap. If they can fit in your car, this is the best option. If not, ask the moving company to take extra care to keep them safe. You can find more information at Premiere Van Lines.

While your moving company can typically be trusted to handle all of your valuable and precious items, accidents can and do happen. There are some items that you simply do not want to take chances with. If you are preparing to move, consider taking the proper steps to secure these items before the moving team arrives.

The Benefits of Retirement Homes

A retirement home is a housing facility that suits the old people or senior citizens. Every senior citizen or couple gets a comfortable suite. Besides the private accommodation facilities, the senior citizens enjoy lots of social amenities and recreational features. A senior living facility provides affordable accommodation and healthcare services to the elderly people. As people age, isolation and boredom can be some of their greatest enemies. Fortunately, the senior living communities enable these people to share their experiences and have fun. Moreover, these people have plenty of opportunities to socialize with each other and avoid boredom.

The seniors can regain their independence
One of the secrets of a healthy and long life is to live independently. While most of the seniors can live independently, some are in need of special care. It is critical to identify your needs before you go to a senior living facility. If an elderly person requires some medical assistance, the facility will include the healthcare charges in the package. As these people access the healthcare facilities from the nursing homes, they also socialize with other people. Since the seniors also undertake some light chores in the facility, they improve their mobility and regain their independence. The chance to meet new people can also help these people to enjoy their twilight years.

Stress-free life
The seniors have plenty of opportunities to have fun and avoid the issues that might otherwise lead to stress. In most cases, the families of the seniors cater for their expenses. In such a scenario, the seniors do not have to worry about the monthly bills that include rent, food, water, and electricity. Moreover, the family members can see their seniors during the weekends. Illnesses can also contribute to depression. Besides the long term care, the senior care facilities provide the best healthcare services to these people. The assisted living facilities take care of the ground maintenance chores, meaning that the seniors do not have to worry about mowing the lawn or shoveling the ice. The seniors who live in their homes have to undertake these chores or hire people to do it on their behalf. You may be interested in the Sienna Living website if you would like more information.

Safety and security
As people age, security becomes a critical issue. As they lose their mobility and vision, they are vulnerable to a range of issues that might make them feel unsafe. In addition, the elderly can become easy targets for criminals who might try to access their residences and steal their property. The retirement homes ensure that the seniors are safe and secure by taking the necessary measures. These security measures include CCTV cameras, surveillance, deadbolt locks, and guards. The facilities ensure the safety of the seniors by providing adequate lighting, repairing the pavements, and eliminating any obstacles that might cause some injuries or accidents.

How Self Storage During a Move Makes Moving Easier

Moving is something that most people will do at least once in their lives. Even a small move a short distance can be stressful. Any move requires careful attention to detail and deep organization. As part of this process, the person who is moving should make sure that their items are stored correctly during the move. In many cases, the person who is moving may need to store their possessions before the move. Using self storage has many advantages. A storage unit means that the person’s possessions are in a safe and secure place where they cannot be touched by anyone else. It also means that their items are available to them at all times. For the person who is moving, this makes moving easier.

Flexibility is Key

Anyone who moving often confronts the reality that the space they want may not be available to them when they need it. For example, they may have put a down payment on a house and wish to close on it and move it. However, the seller also has needs. A seller may not be able to vacate the property for a few months. In that case, the seller and buyer come to an agreement. The buyer may agree to move to temporary housing until the space is ready for them. Meanwhile, they have lots of items they need to keep in a larger space. Hence, the need for self storage units.

Using Self Storage

Using a facility that offers personal storage typically requires the user to follow certain rules. A user can typically choose between differing sizes. Some people will need a large room to store all they own. Others may only need a much smaller space. Many facilities give the user a key they can use to get access to their property at any time of day. This allows the user to get their items even late at night or early in the morning. It also allows them to rest easier knowing that their important items are kept in a safe and secure place.

Moving Items

After the move has been completed, the person moving can then decide to retrieve his belongings. Then they can move their items into the new space. Someone may decide that it makes sense to leave their belongings there for a longer time. In that case, they can speak with the storage company about extending their lease. Most companies offer a a short-term lease that allows the renter to make changes as necessary should their circumstances change in any way. This kind of flexibility is what makes using such storage extremely useful. The user can pick out the specific space they want when they want.

3 Warning Signs to Look For When Hiring Movers

Shopping around for a great moving company is one of the top steps that individuals take when preparing to move. Movers can reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to relocate, and this can drastically reduce your stress level on moving day. If you want to get settled into your new home quickly, professional movers are essential. However, many people have heard bad stories about moving companies, and you may be wondering what you can look for to avoid making a poor hiring decision. If you notice any of these signs with a specific moving company, it is best to steer clear of them.

A Poorly Worded Contract or No Contract
An ethical, trustworthy moving company will have a well-worded contract for you to review and sign. This will be a contract that makes promises to you regarding quality of service, punctuality, protecting your belongings from damage, the number of workers who will be on hand to help you and even the size of the moving truck. In addition, a great contract will also talk about fees and may have a firm price quote with no loopholes in the wording that allow for additional fees to be tacked on. Avoid working with a company that does not have a contract or that has ambiguous or confusing wording.

Lack of Insurance
One step you should always take when hiring a moving company is to review the company’s insurance. The best companies will be bonded and will have financial protection for you in the event your belongings are damaged. Verify coverage amounts and dates. It may be wise to contact the insurance company directly to ensure that the company’s account is in good standing before you make a hiring decision.

Bad Consumer Reviews
It is customary for consumers to read online reviews about companies before making a hiring decision. Bad reviews should be a tell-tale sign that indicate the need to continue to shop around for a moving company. In addition to bad reviews, focus on the potential for some positive reviews to be fake. For example, if a company has an excessive number of positive reviews or if the details in a review seem too good to be true, there is a chance that the company has planted its own positive reviews amid the bad reviews.

Finding the right moving company to assist you with your upcoming relocation is no easy task. Everything from the wording in the contract to the insurance policy and more should be carefully reviewed. While it can take time to find the right company to hire, rest assured that your effort will be well-rewarded on moving day. The Hudson Movers website is a useful resource if you would like more information.

Three Ways to Keep Your Drains Clean

Drains are one of the most commonly used plumbing features in the home, and because of their heavy use, they also are one of the features that many people struggle with. The most common issue people have with these features is a clog. Clogs can be complete, and they can prevent any water from flowing down the pipe. You may also have a partial clog, and this may result in water slowly draining away. Both can be challenging to deal with, and you may reach out to a plumber for professional plumbing service to remove a clog. While you can always call a plumbing company for this type of repair service, you may also want to take preventive steps. After all, many clogs can be avoided.

Use a Drain Cover
When your drains are clogged, you may not be able to use the sinks, tubs or shower basins associated with those features. After all, you do not want water to flow out of these features and onto the floor. This can create costly water damage for you to contend with. One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent a clog is to use a drain cover. There are covers designed for both kitchen and bathroom sinks, and this can effectively trap hair and other items before they enter your pipes. Then, you simply need to clear away the debris from the drain cover periodically.

Watch What Floats Down Your Drains
Another great idea is to watch the debris that you allow to wash down the sink, and this is particularly true in the kitchen. For example, many people use a garbage disposal to chop up food waste, but a garbage disposal does not work well with potato peels, watermelon rinds, banana peels and many other items. Learn more about the items that you can safely wash down your kitchen sink and that your garbage disposal can chop up to minimize the incidence of a clog in the kitchen.

Use Professional Drain Cleaning Services
Even with the best efforts, some materials may still float into your pipes that can result in a clog. For example, grease and soap residue are two top contributors to clogs, and these materials may not be trapped by a drain cover. A smart idea is to hire a plumbing company to clean your pipes periodically. Hydrojetting service is one of the top methods used by professionals, and this process uses a powerful stream of water propelled the pipes to clear away accumulated debris.

While these steps can effectively help you to prevent clogs from developing in your pipes, many homeowners may currently be struggling with a clog in their drain. If you cannot pull the clog out through your own efforts, such as if the clog is too deep or too dense, the services of a licensed and insured plumber can help. Your plumber may also offer additional recommendations regarding the care and maintenance of your pipes. Learn more information at ExpressRooter, which has more online resources available.

Why Wooden Wide Boxes Are Ideal for Storing a Collection

For many enthusiasts and collectors, just finding a way to safely store wine bottles can become a real issue. Wooden wine boxes that can be easily stacked, transported or arranges can provide an ideal solution. Boxes that can provide serious collectors with all the benefits of a wine rack or shelf, as well as the added flexibility that will allow them sort and organize their collection with greater ease may have much to offer. Even options, such as custom wood gift boxes, can provide enthusiasts with a more memorable way to keep their favorite bottles and vintages neatly organized and safe from harm.

Finding Ways to Organize a Large Wine Collection

While wine racks and shelves are often ideally suited for organizing a collection and ensuring that bottles can be kept safely out of the way, their large size and fixed layout can often prove to be a liability. The modular nature of wooden wine boxes can provide a more convenient way to utilize existing storage space. Being able to more quickly rearrange, stack or even move and transport whole boxed of wine at a time can be quite useful. Having to breakdown and transport a rack or shelf one piece at a time in addition to storing and transporting individual bottles often requires considerable amounts of time, effort and labor.

Scalable Storage

For those who are just beginning to amass a wine collection, an entire rack or shelf can be overkill. Seasoned collectors can also benefit by investing in a few wooden wine boxes to store any bottles that may not fit within their existing shelf or rack space. The modular nature of wooden boxes can make them a terrific asset when it comes to planning a move or being able to transport multiple bottles quickly and conveniently. Scalable storage options may offer superior convenience while purchasing custom wood gift boxes for others can even provide wine lovers with an easier way to share their favorite vintages with others.

Finding the Best Selection of Boxes and Storage Options

Wooden wine boxes that may be poorly made and those that lack the durability needed to ensure their contents can be kept safe and secure could prove to be little more than a costly liability. For wine enthusiasts eager to take advantage of a flexible and cost-effective storage solution to those who may be considering offering custom wood gift boxes for holidays and special occasions, it pays to seek out the best quality materials and workmanship. Attempting to store wines and bottles in a box that may be unable to protect them from harm can increase the risk of an accident or mishap. The experts at Ekan Concepts may be able to provide you with more information.

Why Landscapers are Perfect for Residential and Commercial Properties

With the right landscaping, you can add curb appeal to your home or make your commercial property look like it belongs to a successful business owner. Whether you have a few hundred dollars a year to spend on landscape design or several thousands of dollars, there are ways to make your lawn or outdoor space look its best throughout the year.

Regular Mowing Keeps Grass Healthy

A basic landscaping package will generally include weekly lawn mowing, weeding and trimming. This can help to to keep grass from growing too tall around decks or around the patio, which could be a prime spot for grubs or other pests to congregate. A professional landscaper may also be able to integrate retaining walls or flower gardens around a gazebo or other decorative pieces in your yard.

Keeping the grass to a reasonable level may also prevent weeds from having any place to grow during the spring or summer. Most companies that work on commercial or residential lawns will bag and remove grass clippings, which may be beneficial for those who are allergic to them.

Create a New Lawn From Scratch

When you first buy a residential or commercial property, it may not have much of a yard. Instead, it may have a lot of brown spots, weeds and overgrown plants taking over much of the space. Therefore, it may be best to work with a landscaper who can roll on new sod, trim the bushes and keep pests at bay. In fact, a professional may be able to water your lawn on a regular basis and ensure that it remains properly hydrated even during periods when it doesn’t rain much.

Stay in Compliance With Local Ordinances or HOA Regulations

Having a company come to your commercial property to maintain the grass or other plants may make it easier to stay in compliance with local ordinances. In some areas, you cannot have your grass above a certain height or allow your bushes to grow onto another residential or commercial property.

If you live in a planned community, you may face penalties for failing to mow your lawn or for allowing weeds to grow where others could possibly see them. With regular service, you don’t have to spend your whole weekend weeding or rush home after work to mow before an inspector notices your grass is too tall.

Proper landscaping can make it easier for anyone to get the lawn that they want or need to have. Whether you have allergies, have a legal responsibility to keep your grass short or simply want to show off a quality lawn to the neighbors, professional landscapers can help meet all of your needs. For additional insights, please visit Royal Decks.

How to Choose the Right Shoes for Optimal Health

When most people choose a new pair of shoes to purchase, their primary goal is to find a pair of stylish shoes that fit right based on size. Some people may make a secondary choice between two pairs based on the initial comfort of the shoes or the cost. While these are seemingly the most important factors to consider, the reality is that the shoes you wear can play a dramatic role in your health and well-being. Birkenstocks is a popular brand of shoes that sells everything from sandals to boots, and these are shoes designed with orthotics in mind to improve your health and well-being. With a closer look at how to choose shoes for optimal health, you may decide to purchase a pair of these orthopedic sandals or boots today.

👢 TIP 1: Stabilization

Birkenstocks are considered to be a healthy shoe choice in large part because of the stabilization they provide you with each step. Stabilization can prevent twisted ankles and knees, slip and fall accidents and more. There are many attractive styles of orthopedic sandals and boots available for purchase that have been designed with stabilization in mind. With these shoes on your feet, you can take a sure step every time.

👢 TIP 2: Support

You also need to focus on the level of support that the shoes provide, and Birkenstocks excels in this area as well. Many shoes, such as flip flops, are designed without any support at all. Others have minimal support through a very minor arch in the shoe, such as many high heels and flats. Arches should be supported to ensure joint and back comfort throughout the day and to avoid unnecessary aches and pains that may endure even after you take the shoes off at night.

👢 TIP 3: Shock Absorption

When you purchase a pair of running shoes or sneakers, you will notice that they are often advertised as having excellent shock absorption properties. It is true that the impact of running can be very hard on your joints, and shock absorption is critical with this activity. However, your body experiences impact to your joints even when walking in normal activity. Shoes that have minimal shock absorption properties can lead to significant aches and pains.

Birkenstocks are shoes that have been designed based on proven practice and that incorporate orthotics features in them. This includes providing you with stabilization, support and shock absorption benefits. If your feet, back, neck or joints ache during the day or after a long day, this is a sure sign that you may need to adjust your footwear. Take a closer look at what Birkenstocks offers and make an upgrade to your footwear collection. More information can be obtained by visiting Foot Sensation.

3 Ways To Make Moving Easier When You Have Children

Moving can be a big challenge even for adults, but if there are children in the house, you can expect for it to be even more challenging. If you are dreading trying to get everything done while keeping your kids appeased, you should know that are professional movers. These are some of the many ways that you can make moving a whole lot easier when you have children.


1. Hire Professional Movers

Even though you might be capable of packing up all of your stuff on your own, the truth is that doing so is quite a lot of work. If you hire a moving company, then you can have a whole crew of professionals who can help with packing things, moving heavy boxes and moving heavy furniture. This can take a lot of the weight off of your back — literally — and can help you get your move done a whole lot more quickly. Plus, if you have some help, you won’t be totally exhausted when you arrive at your new home.


2. Consider Enlisting a Babysitter

Even if you don’t normally use a babysitting service, such as if you are a stay-at-home parent who provides the sole care of your kids, you may want to think about hiring one for your big move. The truth is that seeing everything getting packed up and bagged up can be really upsetting for kids, no matter how hard you might try to calm them down. Plus, you have to worry about being able to fully supervise them and being able to keep them from being underfoot while you and the movers are trying to get your work done, which can be dangerous for everyone who is involved. Hiring a babysitter, even for a couple of hours, can make things way easier for you and can help make things less stressful for your kids, too.


3. Get Your Kids Excited About the Move

Focusing on getting your kids excited about the move, such as by reading books about moving with them and showing them pictures of your new destination and all of the fun things that are around for them to see and do, can help make things a lot easier on your little ones and can reduce your own stress, too.

As you can see, there are a few different ways that you can make moving easier when you have kids, whether you are hiring long distance movers for a cross-country move or if you are just moving right down the street. Either way, if you follow these tips and work with the right moving company, you can make your move a whole lot easier for the entire family, including your children.

How to Keep Costs Low When Giving Christmas Gift Baskets

One of the most common concerns shoppers have when buying holiday gifts is the cost, and you may be wondering how you can give thoughtful Christmas gift baskets Canada on a dime. After all, you have many other expenses to contend with this season, such as holiday travel expenses, home décor expenses and countless other gifts to buy for others. The good news is that you can masterfully create gorgeous holiday gift baskets that those on your gift giving list will love when you follow a few helpful tips.

Select Your Basket Theme With Care
There are numerous themes that you can choose to use when creating Christmas gift baskets. These range from everything from barbecue gift sets to golfing gift baskets for men to spa day baskets and cooking gift baskets for the women. Some basket ideas are far more affordable to implement than others. A smart idea is to delve deeper into each theme you can come up with by brainstorming gift ideas that you may place in the baskets and pricing those gifts. Through this additional step, you will be able to determine which holiday gift basket ideas may be more affordable to create.

Make the Basket One of the Gifts
Another great way to save money on your gift basket is to choose your basket with care. The basket itself can be one of the gifts. For example, you can use a large soup mug or mixing bowl as the container for a hot cocoa basket or a cooking basket. Slippers can be used to store items for as spa day package. A popcorn bowl can be used for a family movie night basket. These are only some of the creative ways that you can make the basket a useful part of the gift. This eliminates the need to add additional cost to your gift by selecting a basket that may never be used again.

Deliver Your Basket in Person
While there are costs associated with creating the package or basket, there are also costs associated with delivering or shipping gift baskets. When possible, it may be best to personally deliver Christmas gift baskets. This creates a more personalized experience for the recipient, and you get the satisfaction of seeing your gifts light up the face of the recipient. More than that, you can save money by eliminating shipping and delivery costs.

Christmas gift baskets are a wonderful option for many people on your gift giving list this year, and there are countless themes to consider. As you explore the basket ideas, consider how these tips can each be implemented to help you save money on your basket purchases. For additional info, visit Boodles of Baskets and learn more from their online references.

Situations That Require Junk Removal

Some projects are already difficult enough. You don’t need to add to your stresses and labors by having to clean up a massive mess, as well. Some companies exist with the sole purpose of providing you with junk removal services. They provide a myriad of services such as garbage bin placement, dumpster rental sand the like. Such companies can send certified specialists out to remove debris such as building materials, electronics, furniture, copiers, restaurant equipment, car parts, pipes, ovens, bikes and much more. You can find a removal team for just about anything, so there is no excuse for putting the work on yourself. The following are some situation where such services would be helpful for you:

Home Renovations

You may have some home renovations that you need to perform by yourself or with the help of a small “family and friends” crew. In that case, you may want to secure a dumpster rental so that you can place all of the debris in it. Specialists can come and remove your dumpster once you are done with your project and fill it. Your home renovation can be a nice, neat adventure for you and your family. If you retain reliable services, you may just have energy left to go out and celebrate afterward.

Construction Jobs

Construction sites are some of the most common areas for destruction, so they commonly need removal services. Garbage bins are available so that your workers can maintain a clean area at all times. Having all of the junk removed will enable your workers to put all of their energy into the project at hand. Securing such services is a wise decision for you to make. It can save you money that you may have otherwise had to spend on additional labor.

Moving the Home or Office

Nothing is quite as taxing as moving your home or office is. What you may want to do is contact a removal company to come in to help you on moving day. It could relieve a lot of the pressure that gets put on home and business owners.

How to Get Your Junk Removed

Most companies have a toll-free number that they use for people who need to contact them. You may also be able to send in your request by completing a short form. All you need to do is ask for assistance, and someone will give you a quote for what you need. If you agree with the quote, the specialists will come to your home and perform the job for you. You can schedule daily, weekly or monthly visits if you need them, as well.

Common Canadian Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery is a method of surgery that works with repair and reconstruction of deformities and tissues in the body and correction of various functional parts of the body. The secondary aim of plastic surgery includes improvement of the appearance of the body and increase the level of self-esteem. Ensure that you are having a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to carry out this medical procedure. Check with the relevant body of plastic surgeons in Canada to be certain of their qualifications level.

Importance of Plastic Surgery

People relate this procedure with alteration of the body tissues to get the desired appearance on the body. However, there is more to the surgery as stated below:

• It is used to correct the significant congenital defects for proper bodily functions- conditions such as cleft palate/lip, webbed fingers, and abnormally shaped head present at birth are corrected using plastic surgery.

• After cancer treatment – the doctors remove the infected tissues during treatment of cancer. After the treatment, a surgeon may perform different types of surgeries to restore the areas damaged mostly on the breasts or face.

• Treatment of extensive burns and other accidents- accidents such as fire can leave your skin damaged leaving plastic surgery as the only alternative. Animal bites and fractures that break the skin require surgery to improve appearance.

Performing the Surgery

A skin graft was the most common way of performing corrective surgery, but it has expanded to include other procedures such as the flap surgery and tissue expansion.

Skin graft – this involves removal of healthy skin from unaffected areas mostly from the thighs, buttocks, and upper arm. The surgeons then use the healthy skin to cover the damaged skin.

Flap surgery – plastic surgeons transfer living tissues from a certain part of the body to another together with the live blood vessels. The skin remains partially attached to the body before the plastic surgeons reposition and stitch it together on the damaged part.

Tissue expansion – the surgeons stretch the skin tissues surrounding the damaged area to help in growth. They then use the skin in repairing the affected area.

Plastic Surgery versus Cosmetic Surgery

The types of plastic surgeries include cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. Cosmetic surgery is the elective and non-essential surgery that patients seek to improve their aesthetic appearance. Reconstructive surgery, on the other hand, corrects dysfunctional parts of the body due to congenital disabilities or other medical problems that develop later in life. The most common cosmetic surgery procedures include face and body contouring, skin rejuvenation, breast enhancements, as well as skin and facial rejuvenations. The reconstructive type of surgery has the following procedures: hand surgery, burn repairs, revision of scars, breast reconstruction, and repair of at-birth defects. Make sure to check out Plastic Surgery Toronto for more information.

Image Credit: TotalBeauty


classic stripes with boyfriends jeans are one of my favorite style staples in any wardrobe. the refinement of the black and white stripes and ladylike peplum coupled with the distressed boyfriend jeans never gets old to me and makes such an interesting look.

recently i had reader question about styles that work well for heavy set children. i have to say the peplum top is one of my favorites for trimming in a tummy while providing comfort and great design detail. the skirt of the shirt seems to cut a tummy right where needed and provides roominess over the largest part of the belly while letting the little ones run and play freely. for another favorite of mine for heavy set girls, check out my round up of midi shorts.

we love these gap jeans. after looking at several tutorials i followed this DIY from Free People to get the look we wanted. I might be hooked on destressing jeans now though. I am working on pair number two this week and i think these babies are only going to get better with time.

look for the peplum top from crew cuts here and the flats are old from target.


as you know we are a girl malnourished family. with seventeen (yes i said it) cousins on my side of the family there are only FIVE girls (feels so good to say that, just last week my sister adopted her two year old  girl foster child. more on that to come. yay gracie! we upped our numbers) and out of the thirteen cousins on the hus’ side there are only THREE girls. it is no wonder why camping and surfing and dirt bikes are part of our family fun rotation.  but what we lack in numbers we make up for pure, girly raddness. enter ruby’s two nine year old BFF’s, Saylor (which she calls Sayla) and Emma Jane.

they are fun loving and silly and thoughtful, kind and smart and creative. they treat ruby as though she always belongs with them in their little tween huddle. they give her parts in their dances and laugh when she makes them play hide and seek in the confounds of her four bedroom walls, talk about creative.

if ruby is not gonna get a sister of her own these two definitely make up for it.  what could warm a mama’s heart more then hearing her  daughter name all her girl cousins when you ask who her best friends are? nothin it tell ya. we couldn’t have asked for better examples to our little one.

c/o forever 21 girls pink ringer tee / c/o floral dress sold out but similar here and i love this romper too

white lace top / blue floral jeans (sold out but very similar here)


military vest / distressed jeans / mlb hat / chambray shirt / arrow necklace / converse / gold sandals

as i said in my this post dodger hats are mandatory in this house.

it has literally become my favorite accessory.

especially when worn with unexpected twists like this winter when i wore this to a clippers game.
chambray shirt / leather jacket  and another good one here/ fur vest (have to wait until fall again for a good one) / leggings / hat / bag / boots

okay now bare with me. you have to wear the layers accordingly or you are seriously encroaching on biker chick territory. be careful. this chambray shirt hangs longer in the back, making it appropriate for lady like myself to wear with “liquid leggings”.  yep, i said it, “liquid leggings”. completely doable peeps. then when you add the leather jacket you have the peekaboo of the denim shirt dividing the leggings from the leather and you are gold.  the effect of the leather sleeves through the vest is rad. just plain R-A-D.

and i also mixed this same outfit up like this, adding a black blazer in exchange for the leather jacket.

many of you have been asking me for my own outfits and as i work up the courage to do real nice selfies i will leave you with these iphone photos for now. forgive me.


eight of the best, most adorable swimsuits for babies

gap mint dot / anchor hat / floral swim bloomers / palm suit / orange animal print / navy button ruffle suit/ mini rodini stripe / chambray hat / purple floral suit / orange two piece suit

please note, if you purchase items by linking through my site, I may earn a small fee. nothing to pay for a college, more like enough to buy more diet coke to keep me up late  at night, creating more posts I hope you love.  I will always link to products that I really truly love or that I really truly would love to have.


when i wanted to start this blog i called this woman because she knows a thing or two or one million about the blogging world.

she is so smart, insightful and HONEST.

she has been one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders.

I love having inspiring friends.

Creative friends.

Successful friends.

Happy friends.

Imperfect friends.

Friends who lead.

Friends who need you to lead sometimes.

Friends who know who they are.

Friends who are trying to figure out who they are.

Friends who look for the good around them.

Friends that laugh at the bad.

Friends who are different from me.

Friends who are similar to me.

Am i officially rambling now?  Yes, I am.

Ashley is quickly becoming a good friend and she embodies so many of these things I love in a friendship.

today i am over on her blog, little miss momma, talking about one of my favorite and most affordable spring accessories…BRIGHT PINK LIPS!


toddler boy style…

new era hat / h&m shirt / target button up (old but similar here and here)

if you follow me on insta, you know we are BIG dodgers fan.

a new era dodger hat is a must in this house. you can’t spit without hitting one here. i have this one and i am pretty sure it goes with everything.

you must also love lions. mandatory. double points if your name means “lion”, which his does.